"It will give you the choice 
to remain calm no matter what"

What Others Say About This Book

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“I really enjoyed reading your story about the tomato plant. How great it is if you find your calling and no longer try to be an orchid."

Jürgen Todenhöfer (German author, journalist, politician, and executive)

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Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
unlimited freedom serene awakened life

"In Unlimited Freedom, a book I thoroughly enjoyed, Fabian tells us that we have already arrived and all the resources we ever need are entirely within our reach if we have the courage to arise and become conscious of our own greatness. His bold words and earnest reflections resonated deeply with me as I too aspire to live more consciously. A great book that is highly recommended to anyone who wants to be awakened from their slumber and for those who want to live more powerfully."

Serene Martin (Yoga Teacher, Life Coach)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“This book has such profound wisdom that I am not even trying to write a summary. I let the author speak, Fabian:

If each of us thinks his or her truth is absolute, We will become a planet of gravestones. If each of us thinks that his or her truth is relative We will become a planet of bright stars.
Thank you Fabian, for spreading your wisdom into the world. The book is not made to be read like a novel. It is written to sit next to your reading spot for the rest of your life."

Esther Uhlmann (Life Coach)

About Fabian, the Writer

Some spend 20 years meditating in a cave to reach the state of absolute serenity. I didn't, but on December 5th, 2013, I experienced it and the search of "finding myself" was over.

"Who am I really, beyond my body and personal history? Who am I when I'm dead? What is my ultimate purpose?"

After the first three short chapters of the book you will, finally, have an answer to these questions.