Who are you?

First, a little story...

Come with me to a children's room in a little apartment in 1990 located in the Alpine foreland. You peek through the open door and it's so silent that you think "nobody is there".

But, then you hear a clacking sound. You open the door a bit more and at the center of the room you see a four year old boy sitting on the floor playing with building blocks. Well, this is me.

I should have been in the kindergarten, but I convinced my mother to let me stay at home to play alone. You'd probably think of this boy as stubborn and withdrawn.

But my view of it?

I was practicing the skill to stay focused and calm in the comfort of my room.

As adult, applying this skill to the real world helped me earn a master's degree in Physics from the best university in Germany, leave the lab to become a digital marketing strategist and publish a book.

And I'm sure the ability to remain calm and focused no matter how hectic the world is will help me build a successful business and become a great leader.

What are you working on?

With my newest project I'm helping thousands of people around the world develop the skill I already practiced when I was four.

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